and Virtual Assistants

why hire a virtual assistant?

Hiring virtual assistants has many benefits. They are generally cheaper than hiring and maintaining employees and can offer the flexibility to multi-task across many aspects of your business. 

As an business owner , you want to put your time and effort into developing your idea and servicing your customers to help develop and grow your business. Issues start to arise when your time is pulled away from these areas to go write invoices and proposals, conduct online research, build databases, develop social media content, write up reports and meeting notes, confirm appointments as well as all the emailing and data entry in between. All of these tasks are time consuming and they distract your focus and dilute your passion – two key ingredients for a successful business.

  • Streamline operations and lower business costs

    This is the number one reason that businesses hire virtual assistants. It has been estimated that hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time employee can save up to 78% in operating costs per year. This is because you don’t have to pay out additional benefits, allocate rental space for work, subscribe to higher Internet bandwidth or an extra phone line or mobile device, or incur incremental expenses in utilities, nor do you have to spend time or money on advertising, interviewing and training a new employee.

  • Increase productivity and

    process improvements

    Hiring an virtual assistant has a massive impact on achieving profitability, because not only does this strategy lower business costs, but it also increases productivity. This is because it frees up  more time to focus on and attend to core functions that demand your expertise as opposed to spending hours on administrative functions.

    Our virtual assistants have years of operational experience to review and provide process improvement recommendatons, further increasing overall productivity.

  • Increase flexibility, scalability and work-life balance

    Your virtual assistant can help you achieve balance simply by affording you the benefit of time. With trusted virtual assistants in place, you can explore the world, spend time with your family, engage with your clients and build your client base while the business continues to run.


    It is often the case that when you find time for the things that matter most in life, you become more productive.

  • Gain access to technology without the implementation costs

    Virtual Assistants invest in tools to increase efficiency and can provide immediate cost savings and process improvements through their experience and technology. This eliminates the need for businesses to outlay costs or to conduct a proof of concept - the work has been done for you! Considering offering webchat services for your customers? Your virtual assistant can assist with selection, implementation, responses and ongoing management.

5 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$275 or $55 an hour

10 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$500 or $50 an hour

20 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$900 or $45 an hour

50 Hours (Pre Paid)

$2000 or $40 an hour

Casual or

project rate

$65 an hour

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