and Virtual Assistants


why hire a virtual assistant?

Hiring virtual assistants has many benefits. They are generally cheaper than hiring and maintaining employees and can offer the flexibility to multi-task across many aspects of your business. 

As an business owner , you want to put your time and effort into developing your idea and servicing your customers to help develop and grow your business. Issues start to arise when your time is pulled away from these areas to go write invoices and proposals, conduct online research, build databases, develop social media content, write up reports and meeting notes, confirm appointments as well as all the emailing and data entry in between. All of these tasks are time consuming and they distract your focus and dilute your passion – two key ingredients for a successful business.

5 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$275 or $55 an hour

10 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$500 or $50 an hour

20 Hours (Pre-Paid)

$900 or $45 an hour

50 Hours (Pre Paid)

$2000 or $40 an hour

Casual or

project rate

$65 an hour