“I have just finished the final trip for the fieldwork aspect of my PhD and wanted to say thank you very much to all your staff for the excellent service provided whenever I have been away.


I have been in the field weekly on and off for over 18 months since 2015 and every interaction I have had with the staff there has been pleasant, efficient and professional. On the one occasion I forgot to call in, the staff member on duty was immediately on the phone checking that everything was OK.


The cheerful and friendly disposition displayed by all the staff I dealt with (regardless of the time of day or night) really made a difference at the end of a long, hard day!


I would be grateful if you would please pass this on to management as I want them to know what a sterling job their staff are doing and how much those of us in the field appreciate it. Please also distribute to all call centre staff so they know the level of gratitude and appreciation coming their way!!”


Kirsty Dixon

PHD Candidate - Zoology

University of Tasmania

Mark Perry

Event Co-Ordinator

Targa Australia

Hannah Smith

Senior Practioner

Sexual Assault Support Service

“Thank you so much for all your great work with us this year, and every year.

We are proud and lucky to be able to provide a reliable and safe service 365 days a year - thanks in no small part to your reliable, respectful and discreet staff”

“I love you! And I have never even met you. In all seriousness, just wanted to let you know how well the service is going and there is nothing but positive comments from everyone within our business. Thanks for your great service. Wish we had talked months ago”