24/7 Contact Centre Solutions

Business expanding? Starting a new business? Considering establishing a call centre for inbound or outbound operations? Contact Connextions to discuss the cost effective options available before outlaying thousands of dollars. Our exceptional staff and our availability 24/7 ensures that we can find a solution to meet your needs. Need to decrease overhead? Receptionist going on maternity leave? Consider Connextions services as a temporary or permanent solution to your business needs. 

After Hours Call Screening

Businesses are needing more and more to be available to clients and potential clients outside of normal business operating hours. However it is imperative that we all maintain a healthy work / life balance. How do we achieve this? Connextions can provide call screening, allowing for only urgent inquiries to be forwarded to you after hours whilst taking details of non urgent matters for follow up the following day. 70% of callers will not leave messages on voice mail or answering services, preferring to simply move on to the next contact or option. Don't lose potential business by not appearing available.

Monitoring Services

Do you have staff who regularly work outside of your office? Field staff, Real Estate Agents, Home Care Nurses? What do you have in place to ensure their safety? How long before you realise they have been hurt or require assistance? Connextions Monitoring services ensure regular contact is maintained and in the event of failed contact, action is taken to ensure everything is ok. What is the safety of your employees really worth? Connextions can also provide monitoring utilising Spot Tracker devices for those working in remote locations. ​

Basic Answering Services

Emergency Services

​Freezer breakdown at 1am on a Sunday morning? Tree fallen over the road creating a traffic hazard? Security doors not closing? Your clients need to know that in the event of an emergency, assistance is available. Connextions can be provided with information to assist your clients directly or alternatively contacts to liaise with to provide emergency response and guidance to rectify issues promptly. In addition Connextions Australia can implement and facilitate services on short notice due to the availability of home based agents to log on quickly.

Personalised, professional answering services can make your business appear much larger than it really is. It allows you to appear available to your clients 24/7 without the need to take unnecessary calls that can wait until a more convenient time. Answered under the greeting of your choice, messages can be sent to multiple contacts. Delivery methods for messages include Direct Call, SMS, Email, Fax and Smart Phone App ON PAGE.

Virtual Assistant Services

Our team of virtual assistants can assist with office administration functions such as data entry, presentations, social media set up and management, calender management, email management, client follow ups by text, email or verbally, market research on company performance, online research on competitors or information to support blog posts or service needs, travel bookings, online price research for purchases, employee or client exit surveys and so much more. Offload your monotonous tasks to Connextions Australia and get time back to focus on clients and growing your business!