Consulting ServiceS


customer experience

In a competitive enironment, you have to deliver great customer experiences to continue your success. We can provide the expertise to review, select and implement tools to determine what matters most to customers allowing you to deliver delightful experiences while simplifying processes and eliminating costs.

operational review

Do you have the opportunity to be better, faster, smarter in how you operate your business? We can conduct an holistic review of your operations to ensure your current operating model supports the needs of your business. Drive better results and decrease costs as a result of increased productivity and performance. 



Technology is constantly changing and the systems you implemented when you started your business may now be outdated. We can help you make sense of innovation, align and apply innovation to your strategy, systems and people.  Implement more effective ways of working and more options for your customers to engage with you and achieve your change, competitive and growth goals

organisational restructure

Does that person or role add value to your organisation? It is an important questions to ask as your business grows. Restructing will help improve competitiveness, reduce costs and create motivation. Restructuring is not only effective when businesses are struggling but also a necessary solution as businesses diversify, scale or implement significant change.



In the current environment, strategy is more important that ever. We can help you to design your strategic plan including implementation of an effective mission, vision and company values. A good strategic plan ensures the right priorities are set, energy, time and resources are allocated to the right areas, innovation is encouraged and rewarded, and there is flexibility to change.


outsourced solutions

Outsourcing allows you to reduce costs, focus on your business goals and planning whilst providing you with scalability and access to technological advances that can be costly to implement. Whilst Connextions Australia can provide a broad range of virtual assistant services, we can also assist to review, select and transition in house operations to a selected outsourced provider.

social media strategy

Your social media strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and intend to achieve through your social media platforms. Not on social media? We can help with that too! Knowing your audience and the content that will increase followers and engagement is key to any social media strategy. Marketing your business on social media is cost effective and a great way to engage.


cost transformation

Cost transformation is about simplifying, refocusing and strengthening your business so you can pursue growth and provide a better customer experience. Technological advances including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Analytics provide a fantastic opportunity to Digitally tranform your business, reducing effort, costs and staffing requirements.


business continuity planning

Changes to the way businesses operate are not limited to a Global Pandemic. Distruptions can also be caused by fire, flood or malicious attack by cybercriminals. Have you considered how your business would operate in the wake of a disaster? We can guide you to document a plan, and to ensure you have a process in place for periodic testing and review.