Client Examples

Government Departments

Connextions Australia Pty Ltd provides a variety of services to local and state Government departments. From hotline reporting services, after hours

emergency services and reception coverage and overflow, our diverse service options provide flexibility and cost effective options to provide 24/7

access to essential services and information. Connextions have regularly been called on to provide services on short notice in the event of natural

disasters such as flooding and fires and to cover departments during their

extended holiday closure over the Christmas, New Year and Easter periods.

University of Tasmania

As more and more staff work offsite, the need to ensure their safety becomes  a priority. The monitoring service provided by Connextions ensures that regular contact is made with field staff and procedures followed in the event staff cannot be contacted in a timely manner. Utilising verbal contact in addition to spot trackers devices, the location of staff is known and monitored. In the event of an emergency, the location of staff can easily be provided to SES, Police and Emergency Services to allow for the quickest possible response.

TACC and VACC Roadside

TACC Roadside Help provides coverage 24/7 for Fuel, Tyre, Battery or Break Down Tows for clients who have been issued vouchers by their TACC accredited repairers. TACC were able to eliminate the need for 24/7 on call staff or the cost or establishing a call centre to provide this service by engaging Connextions to provide the service on their behalf. The service is facilitated using a web based database that provides the operator with relevant area contacts and allows quick and efficient service to those who

require assistance.

IPI (Property Inspections)

IPI is a rapidly growing company expanding into all states throughout Australia. Connextions ability to quickly adjust to increases in call volume or demand has allowed IPI to add agents and franchises quickly and efficiently without the need to train additional staff or significant increase office space or overheads. In addition to 24/7 contact centre services, we

also manage enquiries from the IPI website and direct them to the relevant

inspector for the area.